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The Necessity of Digital Marketing

Whether you live right here in the South & North Carolina regions or anywhere beyond, we are very much living in a digital mecca today where things like websites, search engine optimization, and learning how to market on social media platforms will make or break a business. An online presence in today's marketplace should not be considered a luxury or optional amenity in your marketing strategy, but instead a dire necessity.


Unlike many other companies, Wraps Ink is a Myrtle Beach, SC web site design company that comes from a design oriented background. Not only do we pride ourselves on delivering a web site that is functional across whatever platforms you you choose but also one that is great to look at and will drive your audience to action. We are always looking to the newest technology and stay on top of the most current web design features, including popular ones like


  • Parallax Scrolling
  • Responsive Image Galleries
  • Embedded Audio & Video
  • Real Time Social Media Feeds
  • Blog support
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Online Booking Systems


Finding Your Site in a Sea of Content

Having your web site design look nice is only half the battle for a business trying to establish themselves on the web though. The Internet has essentially become the new version of the Yellow Pages. Now when potential customers are looking for businesses they typically go straight for their preferred search engine. If your web site isn't properly optimized for these search engines to easily find you, your online marketing can be dead in the water.


Through great web site design coupled with a great use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we will drive traffic to your website and have search engines like Google find you quicker than ever before.


From Socially Awkward to Social Butterfly


“If you’re not on Facebook and Twitter by 2013, you’re basically not a relevant business in today’s society.” -Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of social media brand consulting agency Vaynermedia


Growing social media platforms are not only a great place to connect with friends and family, but also an insanely cost-effective way to connect with your potential customers. Learning how to master facebook marketing, twitter marketing, instagram marketing, pinterest marketing, etc etc is so vital to both small businesses and large businesses for any sort of long term vision for success.


People spend a colossal amount of time staring at the glow of their smart phone and tablet screens on social media sites. And if this is where people are spending the majority of their time it only seems natural to need to figure out how to get your story heard on these platforms. Social media is only growing bigger and we want to help figure out a marketing strategy for your business to implement in this socially connected world.




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